Gray, who successively debuted as a producer, but also as a vocalist and rapper. In 2012, he made a debut with a single, KKAMBBAK, and with the release of the following single, CALL ME GRAY , he was able to portray his uniqueness. As the head producer of AOMG, Gray is recognized for the way he does not limit the use of his uniquely sophisticated style to AOMG artists, but applies his technique to other national artists through collaboration and producing as well. As a result, the product is optimized to accommodate the tastes of the existing hip-hop audiences, artists and the operators involved.

Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic is a South Korean rapper under AOMG. He was first known as an underground rapper under the name K-Outa. He debuted in 2009 as a member of the hip-hop duo Supreme Team, which disbanded in 2013. As a solo artist, he has released two studio albums: Simon Dominic Presents: SNL League Begins (2011) and Darkroom (2018), and one extended play: Won & Only (2015). He was the co-CEO of hip hop record label AOMG from 2014 to 2018. He was also a cast member on South Korean variety shows, including Show Me the Money 5 (2016) and I Live Alone (2018).


Hong Da-bin born January 1, 1993, better known by his stage name DPR Live , is a South Korean rapper and singer. DPR stands for "Dream Perfect Regime". He released his debut album, ”Coming to You Live”, on March 15, 2017. He then released his second album, ”Her”, on December 7, 2017. His collaborative "Eung Freestyle" is his most popular recorded track. It earned more than 16 million YouTube views in a calendar year.


Out of all the YG groups that debuted after 2009, there has not been a single group with a member who released a solo album. However, as of today, BOBBY has broken this record.

He was the winner of Mnet’s Show Me The Money in 2014, debuted as iKON in 2015, and formed a hip hop unit group MOBB with WINNER’s MINO in 2016. And finally, in 2017, BOBBY released his first solo album “LOVE AND FALL”, presenting to the world the challenges he went through and the results of his hard work in overcoming them, as well as his growth as a musical artist and in his music itself.


Shin Hyo-Seob born May 3, 1992, professionally known as Crush, is a South Korean R&B and hip hop singer. He debuted on April 1, 2014 with the single, "Sometimes", and released his first album, “Crush On You”, on June 5, 2014. He is currently active as a member of the hip-hop crew 'Fanxychild'. Their representative songs are "Fanxy Child ", "Bermuda Triangle", and "Paradise". "Bermuda Triangle" has topped several music charts. On June 4, 2019, he announced on Instagram that he would be leaving Amoeba Records to start his own agency.

Tuan Tigabelas

Known for his ability to create a meaningful and witty lyrics, he is definitely one of the best rapper in Indonesia today with hit single like “Move” and “Westwew”


well-known for quirky, unique, straight-to-the-point, yet fashionable style. Her figure reflecting and represents Indonesian youth nowadayas. known as a rapper, she has been the talkabaout figure along the 2018. her big single 'Cahsmere' and 'I AM ME' makes a waves, grab people attention, and quickly become favorite.


Nur Qamarina Arissa or better known as Hullera, an aspiring Malaysian female rapper whose name was first recognised on a local broadcast station for local Hip Hop music. She also gained attention for her attitude which is deemed, “ no filter ” and soon after, she became an internet sensation for her sense of style, personality and eye catching talent.



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