Frequently Asked Question

- What time will the festival end?

- Will there be any food stall? And can we bring food inside?

- Are there any prohibited items?

Things that you cant bring into the Venue

- Whats the difference between GA and VIP ticket?

VIPs will have more facilities and special treatments in the VIP section such as VIP only FnB area and toilets

- Is there a limit on how many tickets i can buy?

Maximum of 8 tickets can be purchased under one name per transaction

- Will I be able to buy tickets at the venue?

Yes, if it is not sold out. But its always better to buy in advance

- Is it safe to buy tickets from other platform?

its NOT recommended. we are NOT responsible for tickets purchased from platforms that are NOT regisered at official ticket box partner.

- How can i participate in the festival?

If you're intrested to participate in sponsorship or booth and food vendor, you can contact our sponsoreship team via email at

- I am a journalist. How can I get media accreditation to attend the festival?

Ticket exchage your tickets as long as you bring a copy of your ID Card with the same name as your tickets

- What are the terms and condition for ticket exchange?

Ticket exchange will start at 08:00 AM at the Venue (Helipad GBK)

- Wether exchangeing tickets can be represented?

You can exchange your tickets as long as you bring a copy of your ID card with the same name as your tickets

- What if i misspelled my name?

Your name must be exactly the same with your ID card